Kelly ResizedCarpet Baggers Carpet One has THE largest and most complete All-Inclusive flooring showroom in the Lowcountry!! There are more different types of flooring options today than ever before! Carpet Baggers understands that customers looking to change out the floors in their home or office can get confused with all the flooring options! Many have never seen Cork Flooring, Hand Scraped Wood installed, or even know what LVT is? For this reason Carpet Baggers Carpet One features over 91 different flooring options INSTALLED for you as a customer to see. We have 3 complete shower mock ups with fixtures, niches, bullnose, accents, and everything you need to complete your project! We feel that the customer really gets and appreciates the inner workings of their project when they can SEE IT DOWN before it goes in their home! Try getting any of this in a Home Center! They usually have concrete bare floors!!

I love working in our beautiful showroom because I remember where we came from! We began almost 19 years ago operating in a converted mini-storage warehouse in a less desirable side of town. In fact we coined the phrase “at Carpet Baggers we bring the Store to You” because we didn’t really have much of a showroom and we didn’t think it was safe to come to our place any way-haha!! Things have changed, we have a showroom that we are proud of and know that it will help you in choosing a floor. However, we can and will bring the samples to your home to select as well!

In addition, I enjoy working here because I love seeing the FACIAL EXPRESSIONS of the customers as they walk in!! I hear many times “I didn’t expect this!” Our customers enjoy shopping here because of our HUGE VARIETY, and for our PEOPLE! We have broken the showroom into departments. We have a department or section for Residential Carpet, Commercial Carpet, Designer Carpets and Rugs, Hardwood, Laminate, LVT, Vinyl, Cork, Bamboo, and a complete department for Ceramic and Natural Stones!

What would a flooring showroom be without knowledgeable sales people? We have them! In fact I’m very proud to say that our 9 sales people have a combined 185 years of Experience! That’s an average of over 20 years of experience per sales person! Our sales professionals not only have the experience, but they try to make each project personal! Because there are so many different types of styles, shapes, colors and structure of flooring materials, I have found that the secret to making a good flooring job is to put the right product in the right place!! It takes experience and getting to know the needs of the customer to be able to do that! We try to find out information about your family and how active your family is in your home. Our customers love the fact that we care enough to ask about their lifestyle. How many and what type pets you have? What type of sports and leisure activities does your family members take part in? All this leads to not only to a successful installation, but a connection with the customer! We have often said here that the secret to surviving and thriving lies within how you take care of the customer! My father told me a long time ago “if you take care of people-they will take care of you!” How do you do that? We offer FREE measuring and quotes, free design help, and free sample check out! In addition, when you walk into our store you will NOT be slapped in the face with a bunch of SALE Signs or Gimmick $99.00 Installations! I HATE THAT STUFF!! When I go to buy something I want to know what the bottom line price is! We always encourage anyone to compare and get a BOTTOM LINE PRICE from us and our competitors! Our philosophy has always been to be fair and open about pricing! We will NOT mark something up to mark it back down and call it a “Sale.” We will also not mark pad up 5 times the value so we can give the customer a ridiculous price on something else! We know all retailers do things differently-we do too! We want to treat you the way we would want to be treated when making a purchase!! How else do you thrive and survive in a lack luster economy?

In addition to taking care of your customers, you take care of your team-your employees! We haven’t laid off any of our people this time around because of the recession these last 2 years! It has hurt and we have suffered losses from keeping everyone. However, Carpet Baggers Carpet one is more than just a great place to buy floors, WE ARE A FAMILY!! We have tried to put up money when times are good to prepare for times like these! We will need our team members for when good economic times return! We also have tried to GROW in these down times! We have brought in more product lines, done more home shows, and advertised MORE THAN EVER-DURING these tough economic times! Someone told us a long time ago “If You’re NOT GROWING, then You’re DYING!” Carpet Baggers Carpet One will continue to pump life and energy into both our company and our showroom to provide the BEST FLOORING EXPERIENCE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS!

Come by our showroom to SEE FOR YOURSELF!! We are located at 3196 Marginal Rd, which is the frontage Rd of Savannah Hwy, 4 miles south of 5-26 in West Ashley!