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Why Choose Engineered Stone?

Flooring technology has taken a big step and created an engineered stone floor that is amazingly realistic. But, why would you want stone floors that aren’t stone? There are many benefits of having this type of floor in your home.


3 Reasons to Go with Engineered

First, if you want the look of stone, but you’re on a budget, engineered stone gives you more options to find the perfect look without blowing your budget. The floor is installed and grouted in a very similar manner to real stone so you’ll have the same look.


If you live in a colder climate – or just hate having cold feet – engineered stone could be your dream come true. It is warmer and softer underfoot. These floors are also much more resistant to scratches and cracks.


When it comes time to install your new floors, engineered stone requires less floor preparation making the installation easier, quicker and less expensive.


If you think engineered stone could be just the floor you’re looking for, check out this inspiration from VEROSTONE available at Carpet One Floor & Home.

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